Monday, September 1, 2008


What a whirlwind of a weekend! It was action packed and fun filled. We started our weekend with our family's favorite end of summer festival--Wingfest! We went with our friends Mike and Trish, and the boys stayed their grandparents house so we were free to roam. We are Wingfest professionals! We don't do it like anyone else. Instead of standing in front of each booth, giving them 2 tickets for 3 wings and savoring the flavor in bits and pieces standing in a crowd shoulder to shoulder, we do it a bit different. We brought a backpack filled with Wingfest essentials, such as; lots of water, chap stick (so your lips don't fall off from the heat), extra napkins, and trays to put about 50 different kinds of wings in. We grab the wings, a big tub of blue cheese, and some beer and head over to the picnic tables. Everyone that was at the festival was envious of our genius idea. They asked us at least 100 times where they could get a tray too. Here are some pictures so you have some idea how serious we are about our wings up here in Buffalo!

From this angle that looks like a Thai Peanut chicken wing.

It's tough work eating that many wings! Bobby from Hells Kitchen was a judge for best wings. On Sunday we went to Jeff's parents house to have dinner with her brother, Uncle Tom and his family. We had a blast! Everyone was there and we ate the best ribs ever. Jeff's dad slow cooked them over the course of two days and the meat just fell off of the bone. (Can you tell I like food? Wings & Ribs?) All of the kids swam in the pool and ran around the back yard while the adults caught up on recent happenings.

"Daddy, you are so funny!" Two of my boys
Tucker and Sidney chilled inside for awhile watching TV
Melynda loved the garden fountain.
Poppy had fun too. She got to meet a whole different side of the family.
And just so you can see my baby sitting up again. And look at big bro Tucker helping out.

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