Thursday, September 4, 2008


Just as millions of other moms blog about their children's first day of school, so shall I. Tucker bopped down the stairs at 7:45am and said "Good morning Mommy, it is morning, I am ready for school today!" See, the only way we could get him to go to sleep the night before, was to tell him that when he woke up, he would go to school. This kid is in love with school. As we were getting dressed and ready to go, I said "Are you ready to go see Mrs. Laura and Mrs. Tracy?" and he said " And Willow?". Oh no, I thought. Willow is his really good friend, some would say girlfriend. And she graduated after summer session to move onto kindergarten. So I, in a sweet loving voice told him that Willow goes to big girl school now and he wouldn't see her any more, and I prepared for the worse asked if he understood. He got a super sad face and just said "Oh", I waited and then he said "I play with Willow?", I reiterated that he could play with her at the playground but not at school. And to my surprise, he was okay with that. So off to the bus stop we go...
Can you feel the excitement oozing from him?

Out waiting for the bus

While Tucker was at school, Carter took a nap. This was the first time he ever slept on his tummy.

As you can see Tucker is equally as enthusiastic to come home, as he is to leave.

Tucker had a great first day of school and can't wait to go back. He had tales of teachers and new kids. And he even came home with sidewalk chalk, colored pencils, and a doodle pad from the teachers.


Amanda said...

Awwww, the Willow story was super cute, and so are the pics! But I especially love the tie-dye Topsail t-shirt! I think it's time for tie-dying again!

Christa said...

Too cute! I love it. Thanks for sharing!