Saturday, January 31, 2009


We do things a bit different around the Morris household...

We allow little brothers to annoy big brothers.


We start chores early on in life. Carter's chore is folding laundry.


We drink our juice upside down. It tastes better that way.


We let our kids express their creative genius. Tucker might be a hair stylist.


It is mandatory to play with your food. Especially corn...they make perfect front teeth!


And I spend all day getting pictures of the boys. Here are a few new ones of Carter-Man.



I could just eat up those little fingers!



Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The boys have been hanging out together a lot lately. It's not that they didn't before, but it's almost like it just clicked in their heads, that they can play together. Before, they would just play "around" eachother. Here are a couple recent pictures of their playtime.

"Mom, are you going to pick me up or what?"

Tucker loved playing in Carter's crib.

They have been snuggling a lot lately. Here they are giving each other a kiss.

"Hey you! Yeh, you with the camera! Put it down and play with me already!"

This was so cute. They splished and splashed for a half and hour.

Tucker always find something interesting to play with after we read a book for the night. But this one tops the cake, he fell asleep in the Rubbermaid bin.

"Mom, can I call Cameron to see if he can play today?"

My friend Toni, and Carter's friend Cameron came over today for our weekly playdates. Which I have realized are more for Toni and I, than for the boys.

Cameron and Carter

We have had a lot going on lately. So I will try to post new cute pictures so you can see the boys grow up.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Last night was our Annual Curling Night that my BIL Scott organizes. Curling is a real sport, and an Olympic one at that. Scott rents out the whole Curling Club, we all bring food, and we have a good time.
Scott and Jessica have Curling Sweaters. They are serious Curlers!

The Niagara Falls Curling Club

Nice form Andrea!
Scott brings his shocking game every year. It provides lots of laughs!

Kim and I are fierce competitors. Yeh right!
Jeff, Mike, and Joe. Not too many men can look that good holding brooms.

Jeff in action...

Jeff's never make it to the circles, and mine sail right past. What a pair!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Carter has graduated from his baby bath to his big boy bath seat. He absolutely loved it. He was so excited to have such freedom.

Carter loved grabbing the bubbles and looking at them on his hand.

"Thanks for my new bath seat Mom, this is the best!"

The other day Carter was playing his piano and I thought nothing of it. All of a sudden he started bobbing his head and then shaking it in a somewhat Stevie Wonder-like motion. I couldn't believe it, he was dancing. Most kids just bob up and down. Not my kid...he has rhythm. Unfortunately, he gets going so fast, sometimes he gets dizzy. Check out the man getting his groove on.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


We have so much fun before bed, I thought that I would share some of our playtime with you. The boys play really well together and Jeff plays with them before bed during the week while I work. But the weekends are a different story. I am here, and we just play and roll around on the floor looking like fools. Here are a few things that we like to do...

We play "popcorn" with the blanket. You know "parachute" to the rest of us. Tucker comes up with his own name for things and they tend to stick.
We prepare the blanket to make a cape like Batman.
We pretend to be angelic.
We look adorable while we play with trains.
We still manage to be adorable playing with trains.
We make funny faces into the camera.
We let Daddy tickle us so hard our cheeks hurt from laughing.
We install our newest baby gate that Daddy made especially for us. AKA... Fort Morris.
We teach Carter how to walk. (We are still working on that one)
And when we run out of our extra-super-energy ...we have our bottle, snuggle on the couch, and go to bed.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Today Tucker is out of school for an ice day. We have a solid sheet of ice covering everything. I had to laugh out loud at myself today. I had to get something out of my car, and underestimated the slipperyness of the ice. My foot hit the front porch, then my butt hit the front porch. I didn't hurt anything other than my pride. I did find it comical as I am sure the neighbors did too, to see me flat on my back, feet in the air, and laughing hysterically on the front porch. Still...some good came of the ice...Tucker is home with me today, and it gave me a chance to try some new things out with my camera. These are pretty neat!