Sunday, September 28, 2008


We had an amazing Saturday. It started at 2:45am when Jeff got up to go fishing with Marc out in Olcott. The salmon are running and the boys have to get up bright and early to catch them. Jeff headed out the door at 3:00. At 3:05 Carter was up and and ready for the day as well. Then at 4:00 Tucker is up and in bed with me and continued to kick me and flop all over the bed keeping me awake. So the day started a bit early. Here is my picture diary of the day.

While Jeff was catching this...
I was cleaning up this. (That is not pudding folks)
We paid a visit to the Halloween store to look at costumes. Tucker is not going to be the Joker this year, but loved the mask.
After picking Chestnuts in the front yard, Tucker found a way to bring them to the backyard. Not only is he a genius, he's a great one-handed driver too!
Marc, Amanda, & Poppy came over for pizza and wings. Then we headed out for a walk to the playground.
Amanda and Poppy on the swing set.
Tucker and Mommy on the top of the rock climbing wall. This kid knows no fear. See the top row of grips? He stands on those, I swear just to give me a heart attack.
He is currently on the top row and I am having that aforementioned heart attack.
Marc and Poppy loved the spiral slide.
And then at the very end of the night, Carter did something new. It brought quite a few tears to my eyes to realize that he isn't going to stay my little baby forever. He reached up and grabbed his bottle and fed himself the entire thing. I cannot believe it! He is getting so big.
Today we have nothing planned and I fear that if we did it would pale in comparison to yesterday.


Amanda said...

Yeah - fun day! Thanks for having us over for dinner and fun at the park!

Natalie said...

That looks like you all had so much fun!! Your poor excersaucer!!!!! Carter is getting so big!! What a great day! We really need to get all the kids together (and adults too). Maybe on our first snow day!!!!