Sunday, September 14, 2008


Not much happening around here. Although Jeff's doctor felt that Jeff needed another week off of work to rest due to complications from last week's surgery. Yikes! So Jeff will be home for another week. I am going to try to get at least somethings done around the house. But it will be good to have him around, especially since I haven't been feeling well, and now Tucker is getting it. Carter continues to grow in leaps and bounds and do new things everyday. It is so fun watching him grow. Here are some cute pics from this week.

Waiting for the school bus. This is how we roll in the Morris house. Cool Dude!


Anonymous said...

Well, I am pretty sure they are the two cutest, greatest, sweetest, most adorable two little boys . . . and that was a totally objective opinion from their Nana in Virginia.

Natalie said...

Could your boys be any more gorgeous!! I can't wait until they are older and one of them can date Claire (doesn't really matter to me which one) - if they don't already have 35 girlfriends!!!!!!