Thursday, August 28, 2008


Carter is growing up right in front of my eyes. Growing in leaps and bounds and developing so quickly. He has 2 teeth trying to come in on the bottom, and he stays sitting up all by himself. It is a hard pill to swallow realizing that your baby is quickly growing up and growing more independent everyday. Knowing that he is my last little one, well I am having a hard time with it. It may be the lack of sleep or the non-stop crying from teething making me a little emotional.

Tucker's summer break is quickly coming to an end. He returns to school on Sept. 3rd and he cannot wait. When he is home all he talks about is going to school. He talks about his friends and talks about his teachers. It makes me wonder if he ever talks about his family when he is at school.

Here are a few pics of Carter doing his newest accomplishment...

Carter loves playing with this fishbowl, it was his big brothers.
Sitting up so well.
What sits up, must fall down...Timber!
I'm okay Mom!
I pick myself up, I dust myself off, and try all over again!
My newest favorite thing to watch.
Not too much going on in the Morris household these days, just in a holding pattern until school starts. Buffalo Wingfest is this weekend, and it is known throughout the country as the best wing festival ever. We go every year, sometimes twice.
Just a quick prayer request if you don't mind. We had an interesting doctor's appointment the other day with Carter and there is some concern about something that I would rather keep private until we know for sure. We will be waiting for about a month biting our nails to know for sure, but if you could just pray that every member of our family remains strong and healthy, we would appreciate it. Thanks!

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Natalie said...

I will DEFINITELY keep you in our prayers! I really hope that everything is ok!!!!!!!!

I can't believe how big Carter is getting! How old is he now?! I feel like he was just born and now he is sitting up!!