Thursday, September 25, 2008


After a 2 hour wait at the Pediatric Neurosurgeon's office, we found out the wonderful news that Carter is going to be just fine. He does have the extra-axial fluid buildup between his brain and its lining, but it will go away by the age of 2. Also, the neurosurgeon isn't convinced that he has a cyst in his brain at all, but maybe it is just a pocket of the fluid. So...we are going to be going back every few months for head measurements and they are going to repeat his Cat scan at the age of 2 just to check the "cyst". I was assured that Carter does not get headaches from this fluid. This was one of my main concerns because he wines a lot, but now I know I spoil him too much. And his head may get bigger over the next few months but it will go away. Thanks for the prayers and support!

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