Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Carter is either the luckiest or the not-so-luckiest kid in the world. He gets to reap the benefits of having an older brother who was spoiled rotten when he was a baby. Tucker had so many toys that are now being handed down to the C-Man. On the other hand he is not getting any brand new toys. But as of right now, he could care less. This is the newest old toy that we have revived from the front porch. He absolutely loves it.

AAAWWW! Yes, he is standing. Can you believe it?
This is a picture of Tucker when he was Carter's size playing with the same toy.Could they be any cuter? Here is the Carter-Man in action!

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Natalie said...

Carter is super lucky! That toy looks like a ton of fun, Claire would freak over that toy. She is obsessed with Monkeys. And no...it is not possible for your boys to be ANY cuter!!!!!!