Saturday, December 1, 2007


Where does one start...

Well, Wednesday afternoon Jeff's Aunt Patricia and Cousin Colleen came to visit me. We had a great visit talking and eating chocolate. Right after they left I started feeling "crampy", and that quickly turned into contractions. I called for the nurse and she put me on the monitor. Sure enough I was having contractions again every 2-3 minutes. After a quick check from the resident Dr., I was wisked away to Labor & Delivery. My home away from home! After a whole gambit of tests, IVs, and Dr.s, it was explained to me that at this point they will not give me anything to stop labor, because nothing seems to work on me. Well, I am happy to report, that after a good night sleep (medically induced of course), and a whole lot of praying, the contractions stopped the next morning. I have now returned to my room upstairs, and have resumed my exciting life of internet exploring and movie critiquing. I had a sonogram yesterday and got to see my beautiful baby and heard that there is really no change. I am still 1-2 cm dilated, but I can last at that for a long time.

In other news. I want to say "Happy Belated Anniversary" to my parents whose anniversary was on that fateful Wednesday that I went into labor, so needless to say, they did not have a great night. And thank you for the Pointsetta. Its lovely!

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S. said...

I was at 1-2 cm. for several weeks--like I think at least 4--so hang in there!