Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I know you think this is going to sound corny, but I really think I am finding myself in here. Oh boy, it sounds like I am writing from my prison cell. Though sometimes it really feels like prison because I do not have a lot of freedom, and the food is terrible, its not really that bad. I do however, have endless time on my hands. It is so funny how in just 11 days I feel like a somewhat new person. I feel strong and empowered because I know I am doing what any mom would do to keep her baby healthy.

Oh...hold on...

"For the 50th time today, WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE DOOR BEHIND YOU or I will whip this magazine right at your..."

Okay, where was I? Oh yeh, I am so incredibly strong and patience is really the key! LOL!!! Jeff and I had a great date night last night. He brought me my favorite sub, a chicken finger sub and onion rings. He is so thoughtful, he even remembered the ketchup this time. He did however take the laptop home with him. He needed to bring much more than a chicken finger sub to make that okay in my book. But, my wonderful mother-in-law brought it right back to me today. What a nice surprise. Before Jeff left last night he did manage to snap a new belly shot of me on a quick trip to the bathroom. So check it out! No make-up though. Maybe I can convince Jeff to bring that next week when he takes the laptop.

I have had wonderful visits from friends and family. The weekdays are the most boring because people are at work. Luckily I have a friend that works here, and she bee bops in and says Hi, and my wonderful Mom calls and keeps me calm and happy throughout the day. Today Tucker and Jeff are coming up to see me, and I have new things that people have sent me to give to Tucker. Stickers and cookies work well! Hint Hint Hint!

Tomorrow I will be 26 weeks along. Keep praying and believing. We sure are!


Anonymous said...

Great new pics of you and your belly. You look fabulous without makeup. Of course. Love, Mom

Amanda said...

Love the pics and it'll be nice to look back at this journal someday and see them for yourself. Speaking of "finding yourself", how's the book going? Is it any good? And let me know what you want for dinner on Friday!

S. said...

I have BTDT and it was the hardest thing I had done until that point! Every single day you get through is a gift to your baby and a victory. Keep up the good work!

jen ganz said...

you look wonderful court!!! I pray for you and baby morris every night. Stay strong and in bed. Your a great mommy!! I hope to see you soon!! Tucker looked so cute on the first day of school. My heart completely melted.
lots of love, jen ganz