Thursday, December 6, 2007


In the very first week of my stay here at the hospital, my lovely husband Jeff brought me a bulletin board and some pictures to decorate it with. I loved it, it was like a piece of home. But I thought that the pictures needed to be updated. So I ordered some of our latest pictures online and requested of my visitors to bring something with them to help decorate and cheer this place up. So, my MIL Kris, brought me chestnut garland that she made with chestnuts from my yard. And my SIL Amanda brought me a ton of scrapbook paper, cutouts, and acid-free dots to hang it all with. That has been my project for today. This is the view from my bed, check it out!

Don't you just love it? Tucker has also made me some things to decorate with, but I enjoy playing with them instead...

I had two visitors today, my friends Jill and Chris (Corky) they are so great. They brought me smiles, and more importantly, they brought Tim Hortons!

And in other news, quite possibly the most exciting, Tucker's audiologist chose Tucker to participate in a marketing campaign for the company she works for. What this means is, Tucker and Jeff will participate in an interview, take pictures, and a video for the company. How cool! Tucker could be in brochures and possibly on TV!!! What surprised us most, is that Christmas is coming early for the Morris household! We were told that, by Tucker participating in the campaign, he would receive a brand new pair of hearing aids. OMG!!! They are FM ready hearing aids which we would've had to pay for ourselves before he went to kindergarten. Merry Christmas Morris'. We could not be more happy for us, and for Tucker.


Amanda said...

I'm glad you like the scrapbooking goods! But that picture with the mask Tucker made is downright frightening!

Clue tournament is in the works!!!

Carol said...

Great job on the bulletin board. I agree with Amanda, the mask is frightening.

Natalie said...

The mask is a little scary!! The bulletin board looks great!! What a nice SIL you have!!!!!!!!!!