Sunday, December 2, 2007


More like Cheeseball!

Last night Jeff and Tucker came to visit me and brought me a delicious dinner. Jeff had marinated a steak all day and cooked it up with some potatoes. It was so yummy! I knew that they were coming with dinner, so I had ordered Tucker some chicken fingers and fries on my dinner tray. He loved it. And for dessert Jeff baked some toffee cookies. Perfect with a cup of coffee. Tucker and I played around in bed tickling each other, just like if we were at home. He does not seem to be affected by me being in here. He just goes on about his day, this is our "new" normal.

This is Jeff and I planting the bulbs that Jeff brought me. We planted Amyrillus and Paper Whites. Tucker watched Polar Express, it's his favorite!

The view from my room! And check out our FIRST BIG SNOW!

One of my wonderful nurses Carol, noticed that my mood was down the other day, and thought that I was a bit too bored. So this morning she brought me some fleece, scissors, and a ruler. She put me to work on this adorable blanket, that took up my whole morning and is absolutely adorable! I really love my nurses!

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Natalie said...

The nurses seem WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I am glad to hear everything is going well. Keep hanging in really are a strong woman!!!!