Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Remember awhile back and I won that radio contest for an overnight stay in Canada? Well, Jeff and I cashed in this weekend and went. We brought our friends Mike and Trish with us to stay overnight at the Holiday Inn Burlington. This was our first night away from the baby, but I was prepared. I had a 2 page spreadsheet of schedules, menus, and misc. tips for Uma and Upa. But, I knew spreadsheets or not, the boys were in good hands. We had a marvelous time, it was the first time in 2 years I was able to let loose and have more than one glass of wine and not worry about breastfeeding, and hopefully get more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep. And boy did I! After jumping around to several different places for drinks and food, we found ourselves back at the hotel and asleep by midnight. And I did not even stir until 7am! Can you believe it? But then guilt sunk in, I was sure that Carter was giving the grandparents a hard time. Boy was I wrong!!! I called promptly at 8:00am to get the report, and Upa told me that Carter also slept 7 hours. WHAT! (side note: he has not repeated this for us since that night) Both of the boys were great. What a relief to Jeff and I, especially because we are going out of town again in November for another overnight stay in wine country. 

Unfortunately I forgot my camera this weekend, but I do have some new ones of the kids. We had a fantastic storm the other night.

So what do Tucker and I do? We go play with big sticks in the middle of the storm and take pictures.
Than we came inside for a friendly game of Life. Can you see how happy Carter is in the background?
Here is one of Carter waiting for Tucker's bus to come, and eating yummy cinnamon apples.
Like Amanda, I am having tons of issues uploading pictures along with many other problems. However, check back this weekend for pumpkin carving and trick or treating.

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