Saturday, November 1, 2008


This has perhaps been the most fun that I've had on Halloween in a very long time. This is the first year that Tucker has really "gotten" it. He was so into dressing up and trick or treating, it was hard not to have that kind of enthusiasm too. Although, carving the pumpkin was not his favorite thing. Those who know Tucker, know that he is a wee bit OCD. His OCD isn't forgotten even in the fun of carving a pumpkin. Hands must remain clean at all times, and "Don't even think of getting near me with those pumpkin guts!" We had a lot of fun anyway, and then trick or treating was so much fun. He literally ran for 2 hours non-stop. He was so over tired when he got home, he was cranky and even shed a few tears that the night was over. Carter on the other hand chilled in his stroller, and watched all of the trick or treaters from afar.
Mommy and Tucker figuring out what we want our pumpkin to look like.
I think that it turned out pretty good
Peter Parker
The transformation...
Spider-Man himself
AWWW! Look at my Little Pumpkin and his Big Bro Spidey

Our cousin MacKenzie
Uma caught a giraffe named Poppy running loose from the zoo.
Our other niece Amelia with her G'ma Mang
My Little Pumpkin Carter in the Pumpkin Patch
Carter was nice and comfortable in his stroller, watching all of the shenanigans around him.
One neighbor wasn't paying attention and ran into a tree. I feel bad for the guy sandwiched between the bumper and the tree.
All of Tucker's loot. Way too much candy for one little boy. I might have to help him eat all of that chocolate so that his teeth don't rot.

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Natalie said...

Great Pics!! Tucker looked great, I love his hair! How fun!!!!!!