Saturday, October 18, 2008


Last Saturday we went on our annual trip to Brown's Berry Patch. It was the weekend of their Harvest Festival. There was live music and a craft show along with all of their normal fall festivities. It is always so much fun going there. They have over a hundred scarecrows dressed like famous characters like Shrek, Harry Potter, and fairytale creatures. They have a giant air pillow the size of a small field that kids and parents can jump on. Goats that live on a roof, and more corn mazes than you can possibly imagine. And did I mention apple picking, raspberry picking, pumpkin picking, scarecrow making, apple launching, hayrides, horse riding, sand pits, and much much more. (Can you tell this is my favorite place to go?) Here are our pics from the day. We had so much fun...

You buy goat food, put it in the can, then use the pulley to send it up to the goats.
This one was anxiously waiting for Tucker to send up his food. Look at him eating. How cool!

In one of the corn mazes you had to find five stations and dip your finger into that station's color. At the end of the maze, you match your fingers up to a sign and you get your fortune. Tucker's fortune said that he had a great imagination. Boy, were they right!
Tucker won that race! Daddy was just a wee bit big.

Tucker loved his horse "Midnight".
Carter just wanted the apples.
And Daddy just wanted the raspberries.
I think that the apple launch was Tucker's favorite. What a boy!
And then there was Willow...

Willow was Tucker's best friend last year in school. This year she has moved on to kindergarten. Her dad called us up the day before and wanted to get the kids together. So Monday Willow came over to play. They had a great time running around the back yard. They are truly kindred spirits. When I asked what they wanted for lunch, Willow said she just wanted peanut butter on her sandwich, and Tucker said that he just wanted jelly. Talk about Jack Sprat! AND...they both picked out the same costume at the Halloween store. They are so cute together.

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