Friday, October 24, 2008


Last weekend we attended the "Becker" Family Reunion. Becker is my FIL's mother's side. They are a great group of people. Very relaxed and friendly. It was at a beautiful park about 45 minutes from us, and fall is in full effect. The leaves were absolutely breath taking. 

Our little Poppy has really come a long way since she has joined our family. She is so much more independent and likes meeting new people. She has this smile that just lights up a room. And (I don't have a pic of her), but Amelia started walking recently and she is so adorable. She walks with her hands up in guarded position, and determination on her face.
Our three adventurers lifting up the leaves with their sticks. They are looking for creatures.
Tucker, Henry, and Sidney
Daddy and Carter on our little forest hike.
Mommy and Carter
One of the rare times we can both be in a picture with one of the kids.
This little hill, was a few yards away from a very steep embankment leading down to a creek. This place was absolutely beautiful.
The Marrano Family (minus Lola, who was running around in the woods)
Our happy family
The whole Morris brood.
6 Grandkids all in one picture...we are good!
The boys took a break to eat popcorn and sit in the back of Uncle Scott's van to listen to the Bills game.
It was a fantastic time. So scenic and so relaxing. We had fried chicken, taco dip, caramel/chocolate dipped apples (thanks Amanda), Texas sheet cake, and so much more. We were stuffed and tired by the end of the day. I cant wait to see were it is next year. This one was hard to top.


Christa said...

What a great park! Where was it?

Natalie said...

It looks like you all had such a great time! I can't wait until Claire has a bunch of cousins to share that stuff with!