Monday, October 13, 2008


There are so many things to blog about that happened this weekend, it will take me several postings just to cover it. But the most important thing that we did this weekend wins the spot for the first posting. 

This Sunday was our 3rd Walk to Remember. October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. This hits close to home as we remember our lost angel twins Parker Bryant Morris and Grace Lee Morris. The Walk to Remember is a memorial walk with proceeds benefiting the WNY Perinatal Bereavement Network. This was the first year that we collected pledges for the walk. I want to thank all of our friends and family for their love and support. Also, thanks to the Town of Tonawanda Water Dept. and Progressive Insurance for their support as well. 

The day started off with a lovely program with information on loss, stories and poems read by families, and beautiful music shared.  Then we moved on to the tree dedication. A Bradford Pear Tree was planted in honor of all the lost angels with notes from us to our babies planted with the roots. Balloons and butterflies were then released.

Then the walk began as we followed the memorial banner through the park. Following a path lined with signs of all of the babies that grew wings. It is a sight that would take your breath away. Who knew that there would be that many signs. It is so sad, but nice to know that you are not alone. After the walk, a picnic lunch was provided for all of the families to sit and enjoy. We had a wonderful time honoring our babies.

This year's tree of dedication.
Notes to our babies
Carter sat still long enough to look at his brother and sister's sign.

Tucker caught a ride with Upa
This is the banner that headed up the walk.
All of the butterflies had babies names on them. 
Parker and Grace's is the green on in the middle.
We really enjoyed the walk this year. Next to come in future posts: Brown's Berry Patch, a football game, and Willow's visit.

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Amanda said...

Sorry we missed the walk - it looked like a perfect afternoon.

Can't wait to see your fotos from Brown's, and what? - a visit from Willow?!