Monday, May 5, 2008


Yesterday we celebrated Amanda and Poppy's Birthdays. We had a beautiful cake for Amanda from Butterwood's Bakery. It is our favorite cake, with strawberries and whip cream goodness. Even Jeff will eat it, and Jeff rarely finds things that he likes. Check out the "blow toads" in action.
We also surprised Amanda and Marc with a birthday cake for Poppy's 1st Birthday. Even though she isn't here with us in person, she is in our hearts and we know that we will celebrate many more birthdays with her as the years go by. We will just have to let her make a mess of her 2nd birthday cake, so Marc and Amanda can experience getting icing out of hair, and being up until 2am from the sugar.
Move over Blues Travelers! The Morris' are in the house. Tucker, Henry, and Sidney started jamm'n in the kitchen. Oh the sweet music of sure to give you a migraine.
Cowboy Tucker was tuckered out, and decided to take a little rest. So he tied up his pony, tipped his hat down, and was fast asleep before you could say "Wild Bill Hiccup".
And at last, some brotherly love. But check out Tucker's new haircut. Spiffy I think!


Amanda said...

Thanks for the birthday shout-out! And thanks for posting that lovely "blow-toad" pic of me too!!

Natalie said...

I cant believe how much Carter looks like his daddy!!!!!!