Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well, we had a great weekend so far. For the past month I have been getting ready for the garage sale of the century. Well, we had it yesterday and planned on having it today. Jeff and I were up at 5am and moved everything outside and set things up on tables. We were still moving things around when a car drove up at 6:30 and bought our elliptical machine. Well, people just kept coming all day long. My friends Tricia and Andrea came and hung out all day with Carter and I. Andrea left around 1:00 when the garage sale was supposed to end. But I couldn't move everything in the garage so I stayed out until Jeff got home at 3:45. Well, I sold so much stuff that we didn't need to have the sale today. So we went to a birthday party out in the country instead. My friend Michelle's twin girls turned 9. We had a great time. But had to leave due to a storm rolling in that brought 40 mph winds and nickel sized hail.

Here is Tucker goofing off!

There was silly string in the goody bags. We were covered with it.
Brianna and Shauna are the birthday girls! And boy did they love Carter!
Tucker and I at the garage sale before T-Man went to school.
Tucker took this picture of Daddy heading off to work.
This is my house. Built in the early 1800s. The original owner of the house was "Old Goat" Charlie. He was a crotchety old goat farmer. His Great Great Grandson came to the garage sale. I learned a lot about the house and I heard some great family stories.
This is Jeff's cousin's little girl Aniya. She is so petite. Just a wisp compared to the tank called Carter.
Yep, a great weekend indeed. And it doesn't end there folks. Jeff is off to a beer tasting tonight. And tomorrow night I am headed to the Melting Pot for some fondue then off to see Sex in The City. A woman's dream night. And even better...I won a 20 minute foot rub from Jeff in a bet. I love being right all of the time!

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