Friday, May 23, 2008


I have had many requests to do a comparison between my old camera and my new Nikon D60 to prove its wonderfulness. I welcomed the challenge with open arms.

So first we have the Nikon D60 shot.

Now my old camera, which is less than a year old, and will remain nameless. Check out the color difference on the play mat. The old camera looks so muddy.
Tucker and I decided to take a few pictures before school today. And Tucker found "his flower" or "my weed". He was completely in awe and couldn't wait to get blowing.
There he goes!!!

Okay Mom, enough pictures. I am ready for the school bus to come.This is how Tucker fell asleep last night. He just got his new bean bag yesterday. I'd say he loves it!
And I would like to Congratulate Matt, Jen, and Melynda on the newest addition to their family. Brayden Mathew who weighed in a whopping 10lbs 3oz. Way to go Jen!!!!!
And last but not least. Daddy and Carter are such a cute pair. Hey...why are there never any pictures of me and my children. Well, that's going to change. Jeff is going to learn how to use the Nikon.
All is well in the Morris household. Jeff and I have been working and the boys are still the cutest kids I have ever seen. We have been working outside on the yard and finishing up the boy's rooms. The weather here has been obscenely cold. It has been going down into the high 30's and low 40's during the night. It has only reached about 55 during the day. Isn't this supposed to be spring. I look forward to going home to VA in the beginning of June. It will be nice and warm down there and I will be with my whole family. I want to send out a great big Congratulations to my brother Mason who is graduating high school on the 14th of June. CONGRATS BRO!

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Cute pics and Mason says thanks for the congrats. Love, Mom