Tuesday, May 6, 2008


CARTER SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!! We had a very interesting evening out visiting lawn furniture in Lockport and going out to dinner. Tucker was very badly behaved, and Carter was miserable for some reason. They were fine before we left, but as soon as we walked into our friendly neighborhood grill, Applebees, it hit the fan. Well needless to say, Carter was awake for about 4 straight hours and very active (crying, screaming, & pooping). He fell asleep after being fed at 9:00pm and didn't wake up for another feed until 4:30am. Granted, he kind of tossed and turned a few times, but nothing a little pacifier and a pat on the tummy couldn't cure. After he ate at 4:30, he fell back to sleep by 5:00am and slept again until 7:30am. Can you believe it? Jeff and I got to spend the whole night in the same bed for the first time since November. No taking Carter down stairs at 5:00am and putting him in his swing to get him back to sleep, and finishing off the night on the couch. It was a very nice night of sleep. However, the perpetual runny nose that Tucker has had since October, has finally run into me and Carter. We are not feeling very well, but we are well rested. I pray that this wasn't a one time deal, and that we get a repeat of last night again tonight.


Anonymous said...

He is such a good boy to give his mommy a good night's sleep. Yeah Carter. Love, Nana

Natalie said...

I remember doing the same thing with Claire, the swing, and the couch :) Good luck tonight, I will keep my fingers crossed!