Monday, May 19, 2008


Well, we made the decision to make our camera purchase a wee bit early. What a great decision! We ended up with the Nikon D60 camera. OMG!!! We love it, and we get to capture our fondest memories in a better light. So take a look at our boys.

Carter-Man just loooooves his bath time now. And how blue can blue get? Our old camera wasn't this clear.

Tucker even gave us a real smile.
Jeff has no idea I put this on here. But he is so cute!
Tucker going for an artistic view.
Carter looking like an old man smiling.

Uncle Marc and Aunt Amanda came over last night for a little dinner and fun. That would be Aunt Amanda in the background bowling on our Wii. Great fun had by all. We did Wii fit test and tested our fit age. I was 36 and Jeff was 37. Certain people who shall remain nameless were in their 50's. Tucker is holding a plush picture frame that Amanda and Marc got at Amanda's work baby shower. It is so cute, it has several different pictures of people saying "My Poppy", then a picture of Marc and Amanda and it says "Okay, she's your Poppy". I thought that was such a cute idea.

So you will have to keep track of how my photography gets better. I hope!


Amanda said...

Super cute pics! You should do some comparison shots so we can see the full awesomeness of your new camera.

Good times last night! Let me know when you're ready for round 2!

Anonymous said...

Awesome new pics with the camera! I do have a question . . . where is mommy in all of these shots? Can't wait to see you guys in 3 weeks. Love, Mom