Monday, November 24, 2008


This weekend my Mom and my Aunt Sue came to visit us. I haven't seen SueSue in almost 2 years. She is quite the world traveler and every time I go to VA she is out of the country. (I'm just a wee bit jealous of her)

They flew in on Friday morning, and after spending the day with Carter and I, they got to surprise Tucker when he got off of the bus. He was so excited.

I don't think that Nana could be any happier!

On Saturday we went to the hotel and invited all of the family to go swimming with us at the pool. Scott brought Amelia and the boys, and Marc and Amanda brought Poppy. Uma and Upa even came to watch. It was really neat to be in the pool with snow right outside the window.

Here is Carter and Amelia
Miss Poppy did not enjoy the water at all. But she was very content watching everyone else.
Carter got in on that action.

This was the funniest thing...Nana and SueSue were singing Christmas Carols and Carter just looked at them like they had lost their minds. He didn't even crack a smile, he just stared.
SueSue enjoying a moment with Carter-Man

This is the effect that the visit had on Tucker! Just Kidding Nana and SueSue! Poor little Tucker struck a fever on their last night here. He didn't let it get to him. A little Tylenol and an ice pack go quite a long way. 5 minutes after this picture was taken he was running around like a wild man.


Amanda said...

Poppy just loved getting to know both Aunt Carol and SueSue!

Love the pics, especially the one of Carter taking in the caroling. Too funny.

And Tucker's ice pack is adorable - where did you get it?

Anonymous said...

We totally had a blast. I have the two greatest grand boys in the whole entire world. LYMYB Nana