Tuesday, July 15, 2008


For those of you that have been following my blog, work with me, are my family, or even just pass me in the street, you would know that my SIL Amanda and BIL Marc are in the adoption process for little Poppy in S. Korea. Well all of the waiting has finally paid off. Amanda received the call yesterday that Poppy Han-Yeong is on her way. She will be here TODAY!!! Can you believe it? She is literally on a plane right this minute on her way home to us. I cannot wait to meet her. At midnight tonight Poppy will be here meeting her new family. If you want to jump over to Amanda's blog and give her a quick Congrats click here. After all, her daughter is coming home. Her daughter...that is so cool. I know she has been waiting a long time, and has had to overcome many obstacles. Congratulations Amanda! And Welcome to our family Poppy!

Here are some pics from yesterday. This was Parker and Grace's Birthday Party.

Tucker actually took this picture and did a great job.

There go the balloons, up to the party in heaven.

Jeff's present for the twins.

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Thinking of you both.