Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well, I have finally done it. I left the job and the people I love. "Why?" you ask. Well, I have found the perfect job that will allow me to be home with the kids during the day and be home in time for bedtime. No holidays, weekends, or nights! Can you believe it? It was so bittersweet to leave. The crew at ICMH are like my family and have helped get me through some really rough times in my life. But as my blog title reads- I am truly doing it all for my family.

This was my second to last day, but the last time I will see Casey. She is a great girl. And she is going to kill me, especially since she told me specifically to NOT put this on my blog.

Oh, and there is Pam in ICU. She is always good for a laugh.

There is Mary (left), Murns (middle) and Susan (right). Part of the Med/Surg crew on my weekend.
Here is my bestest friend Jen in the "Butt Hut". If you see this, don't tell her its on here.

Here is Annie. Who I love to death. But called in on my last day and made me stay late. It better have been a good reason Annie. Just kidding. Keep on Rock'n the night shift with Becky G.

Last Day:

This is Jen and I hanging out in the charting room. Jen is a very special person and is a great person to talk to.

I am not sure why the rest of these are so small. Murns sent them to me via email, so maybe somewhere they got messed up. But they are cute anyway.

Here is Liz and I enjoying the tuna salad she brought in. Liz and I used to just goof off instead of working, but now we can multi-task. Now we talk and work at the same time. Thanks Liz! God Bless Lee Grandy and Hootie and the Blowfish!
This is how much I am loved here. They actually took the time to TP my car. Unless you are administration, in that case, someone ought to watch that back parking lot more closely. Those hooligans are running amuck in our parking lot again. Someone call the sheriff's office.
Alas, I clean up the toilet paper of love. So I can head home for the last time :(
To all of you at ICMH. I love you all very dearly. There have been some rough times but there have been some really great times. From banding together for our patients or grieving over ones we lost, to partying it up in February for Jeri's Birthday Month. I will miss it all. I will miss my boss, who has always stood up for the therapists, and has supported me through some pretty tough times. Thanks to all of you for impacting my life. I wish you all lots of love and luck!


Natalie said...

It looks like you worked with great people. But who can beat your new set up? Home for bedtime, no nights or weekends - AWESOME!! I am sure you will make a ton of friends at your new place because you are so sweet! GOOD LUCK!

kathe said...

i miss you already--but i sure hope your new job works out well for you & your family--hopefully we will get to see you soon--love to you--murns