Saturday, July 12, 2008


With all that is going on in my life lately, I forgot all about July 4th pictures. We went over to Jeff's Uncle Al and Aunt Karen's house for a big party. Jeff has a huge family and it's nice to see them all together.

Carter is showing off his muscles after hitting a home run.
You mean I can draw on your driveway! Count me in!
Uncle Al, Carla, and Tucker made a cardboard box house. They had so much fun.
Aunt Patricia loves holding all of the babies. There are sure enough of them to go around!
Yes, that is my son getting ready to go down this roller coaster backwards! I cannot watch!
He made it!
Bocce Rules!!! Jeff, Marc, Bob, and Uncle Bob.
This was so neat. It is a little airplane see-saw that all of the kids can play on at once.
Carter hanging out at the party just soaking it all in.

Aunt Amanda invited the boys and I to a pool party at her friend Hillary's house in West Falls. It was way out in the country. But boy what a beautiful place to live. The scenery and the fresh country air did us some good.

I am Mr. Cool in my pirate shorts and Spider man life jacket! My SIL Amanda with Carter and Natalie with Claire. Are they adorable or what?
This is Alli. She sure loves those Barbies. Where are their suits Alli?
Carter playing in his new Bumbo and loving it.

I also want to say "Happy Birthday" to my Mom. She doesn't look a day over 29!

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Natalie said...

Carter looks soooo big in his Bumbo!!!