Sunday, July 20, 2008


This past week we went kite flying at Kenny Field. It is just a short walk from our house and usually is home to hundreds of soccer or football playing kids. But this day it just belonged to the Morris'. It was a beautiful day with just the right amount of wind. So when Jeff suggested that we go fly a kite, the boys and I were up and ready.

Up, Up, and Away. The kite has just taken off.
I think Tucker was under the impression that if he ran fast enough, he was going to lift up off of the ground and chase the kite.
There she blows!
Tucker was the master of kite flying for about 30 minutes or so, then he got it very much stuck in a tree. Jeff had to go back later and rescue it with a special stick.
Carter enjoyed the day too. But he didn't care about the kite, he just wanted to watch me.

Well, from the sounds of things Poppy is starting to settle in just fine over at Marc and Amanda's house. She is still attached to mostly Amanda, but she is starting to loosen up a bit. She has a new nickname "Baby Bird". Amanda says that she is always looking up with her mouth wide open for more food. She couldn't be any cuter that's for sure.

Look at this sleeping angel!
This just made me chuckle. I know they waited a long time to see her smile. She is starting to play with toys in her room and she even went to the library the other day. Taking after her mom already.
This is how you can usually find Poppy.
Oh my goodness, I could just eat her up. Isn't she adorable. And look at her dress!!! So sweet!
And I hear she is a corn lover. I don't blame you Poppy, I love it too.
A great blog posting if I do say so myself. What is more fun than flying kites and checking in with the newest member of our family. I am glad that everything is going great.
Carter continues to grow like a weed. He is housing food like it's nobody's business. And he has a permanent smile plastered on his face. Tucker got himself a haircut this week. He looks like a little man now. His hair is so thick and a little growth looks like a hair helmet. Jeff has been busy with the house. We got a new furnace and air conditioner this week, then our sewer system went haywire. He has been so busy this week. But it paid off, the house is cool and we can now flush our toilet (yuck). And as for me, I still love my new job, but still miss the old one.

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Natalie said...

What a nice day at the park! Tucker cracks me up! I love the pics of Poppy!!