Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Tucker is learning to dress himself. I think that it is going well.

Getting in my baby fix with my friend Kelly's baby, Jack. He is so sweet.
This is also a picture of me in my bed rest prison. That is my futon matress on the living room floor. Are you jealous?

This is my beautiful niece Amelia. She really cheeses it up for the camera!

Tucker just loves babies. He is so excited to have a brother. But stop asking, he will not tell you his name.

Nothing new on the home front today. My BIL Scott brought Amelia over last night along with dinner.
Yeh, taco night at the Morris house! My SIL Jessica was sick so she and the boys stayed home, but she made a beautiful cake at her cake decorating class, and sent that over with Scott. It was delicious.

Hurray! We are also celebrating our 33rd week today. The baby is growing big now. I wonder who he will look like.


Natalie said...

Happy 33rd week!!!!!!! It is getting so close! Amelia is beautiful! Tucker is going to be such a great big brother!!!!

andrea said...

33 weeks! Way to go Momma! I can't wait for tomorrow night. I haven't played Clue in a long time but I'm still going to bring my A game so be prepared!