Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Well my doctors appointment was fairly uneventful. I waited in the waiting room for what seemed like an eternity. It was the longest I had sat in a chair in 7 weeks. The Dr. came in to see me and we just joked about this is the most pregnant I have ever been. And how proud of me he is. I don't think that many people expected us to pull this off. After going into labor at 24 weeks, it seemed impossible to make it this far.
I am pretty much bored stiff. I have watched so many marathons of TV shows. For example; Fairly Odd Parents, Go Diego Go, Americas Next Top Model (3 seasons worth), I Love New York 2 (don't laugh, I am
soooo bored), The Real Housewives of Orange County, and so so so many more. I am very sick of reality TV, but I guess until writers strike is over, I am stuck watching American Gladiator and Deal or No Deal. Thank God for 8 new episodes of Lost coming soon.
I have another
Dr's appointment on Friday, so I will update everyone then. And I will try to snag a few pictures of Tucker with his hair cut, thanks to Nana and Pop-Up. He looks very cute as always.


Carol said...

Happy 32 weeks! You are doing a great job! Love, Mom

Natalie said...

32 weeks that is excellent! I am proud of you too! It takes a very strong woman to make it this far and you should be very proud of yourself! And I LOVE the real housewives of orange county and I am not on bedrest so what is my excuse?! Good luck and Claire and I will keep you in our nightly prayers!!

Lynda said...

Courtney, you are truly an awesome, unselfish mom! I am so-o-o excited that you and baby Morris have made it 32 weeks! It's taken a lot of sacrifices on your part, and you are truly "doing it all for your baby"! Way to go!

Kelli Leathers said...

I have not talked to you in so long. I just found out a couple of weeks ago that you were pregnant. I am so happy for you guys! You are doing such a great job - keep it up. I miss you!!!

S. said...

Yay! THat is such a huge accomplishment! WTG Mommy!

32 weeks is a great place to be--but hang in there just a few more weeks--how great will be if you can take baby home from the hospital with you!

the real housewives of oc is like crack to me!

Anonymous said...

hey courtney...i am so happy for you! you are the picture of a strong, selfless mother. take care.