Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Nothing new to report on the pregnancy home front except my Dr. decided NOT to take me off of my contraction medication like we had planned. I do have another appointment next Tuesday and I WILL be taken off of them no matter what. I will be 36 weeks along and that is when all meds become ineffective. We will just have to see if I make it that long.

My mom has been here for a week now and is leaving today. We will miss her so much. She has kept me company and Tucker is absolutely in love with her and her energy. She can keep up with him like no other.

On Saturday Jeff's cousin Carla come for a surprise visit. I was so happy to see her, but I was even more happy to see here when she revealed that she was here to give me a mani-pedi and to cut my hair. She spent 4 glorious hours at my house chit-chatting and pampering me. And if that wasn't enough, she and her mom gave me a big gift bag filled with all sorts of beauty products that make me feel so glamorous. I loved it. It was such a great day.

Here is Carla blow drying my hair.

Uh-Oh...Check out me, my bloated face, and my sexy hair!

Tucker had to get in on that action.

We must have worn him out!

I will keep everyone posted on my progress.


andrea said...

Look at you, you hot sexy momma! You are really blessed to have such a wonderful family.

Natalie said...

Good for you, you deserve every second of pampering!!!!!! Bloated?! I think you look excellent! It really sounds like you are making the best of the situation - keep up the positive attitude!!!!!!

kelli leathers said...

What a great job you are doing! And to still have such a great attitude and be so extremely funny. You are such an inspiration! Keep up the good/hard work. I am praying for you.