Thursday, November 22, 2007


My name is Courtney. And I am starting this blog from a hospital bed trying not to go back into premature labor. I am 25 weeks pregnant with my son, and I am going to stay in bed to help him continue to grow. I have chosen to blog to keep everyone posted and as a way to sort of journal my feelings. So I guess I will start from the very beginning...

I am married to a wonderful man named Jeff. We met in NC in 1999 on vacation. We fell in love and married in 2003.

A few short months later, Jeff and I found out that we were going to be parents for the first time. My first pregnancy was fairly uneventful in the beginning. Then everything changed, at 27 weeks my water began to leak. I was diagnosed with PPROM which is the rupturing of your amniotic sac too early. I spent 7 days in our Women's and Children's Hospital on bedrest to prevent me from going into labor. By the 7th day, I had developed an infection and our son had to be delivered. The doctors induced me, and within 18 hours on March 25, 2004 Tucker Charles Morris was born into this world at just 2lbs 15oz. After being on a breathing machine for a week and a machine they call CPAP for a few more weeks, we were able to hold Tucker and feed him with a bottle.

On May 5, 2004 we were able to bring our baby home. He was so tiny, he barely fit in his car seat. We were so nervous to bring him home with his oxygen and heart monitor. We thought that we weren't going to be able to handle it. But as the days went on, we were pros. With feeding every 45 minutes, my wonderful husband took shifts with me, so that we could sleep.

Tucker has grown over the years into a beautiful child. Not that I am biased...

Needless to say, Tucker is now 3 1/2 years old, and rules our world. Tucker is a very special child. He is hearing impaired and wears hearing aids in both ears. He recently started school participating in an Oral Def Program, which teaches children to speak with their mouths, not just their hands. He was so precious heading off to school the first day. He has grown up way too fast.


Natalie said...

You are not biased he is a beautiful little boy! I am glad to hear that school is going well!

Anonymous said...

Courtney - Just wanted to let you know that we have been thinking about you and your baby and are so happy that everything is going great! Love these blogspots and the joy they are bringing you!

Adam, Jen and Kaden Brunner