Monday, May 11, 2009


I haven't entered the I Heart Faces Contest in a long time. But this week's theme is Laughter! How could I pass this up. Head over to I Heart Faces by clicking here to check out all of this week's entries and other great contests.

This week's guest judge is Ree Drummond from the Pioneer Woman Blog. If you haven't checked out the Pioneer Woman yet, I suggest you do so. Her photography amazes me and her mom-meets interior decorator-meets hostess-meets gardener-meets cowgirl antics keep me laughing all day.

Here is my Kids Entry:


Here is my Adult Entry:


Remember to go to I Heart Faces website to view all entries!

8 comments: said...

Love, love, love the kids entry! That is true laughter and joy. Kids do it best!


Carmen said...

I love them both, I love the first one....It is all about laughter and childhood.

American in Norway said...

Love them both... but I really love the adult entry... looks like they are having a great time! nice job!

Foursons said...

The adult entry is wonderful!

Annette said...

Your adult entry is the best. The one looks like she is about to snort a laugh right out her nose! (That was meant as a complement, now that I read it, it sounds kind of strange).
I love it. Great shot.

Marci said...

The color shot could have been a winner for the "green" week. So GREEN!! And so happy!! Who can resist a laugh making bubbles like this!

Ter said...

great photos! Thank you for sharing!

I see in your profile that you are a bereaved mommy. I'm very sorry for the loss of your twins. I am also a bereaved mommy. :(

McFadden Family said...

I love your adult entry, wonderful memory and great photo!