Wednesday, May 6, 2009


My post is very late this week. There are no cute stories to share, no cute pictures to show you, only enough to ask you to pray.

Last Thursday, God called home our baby cousin Kaden. Kaden was two years old and suddenly died Thursday afternoon. His loving parents Adam and Jennifer have a very tough road ahead of them. I ask that you pray for their strength, love, and healing in this hard time. Pray that they will one day be reunited with Kaden.

While our tragedies are completely different, the outcome was still the same. Jeff and I had to say goodbye to 2 of our children. The hardest thing a parent will ever have to go through. Parker Bryant and Grace Lee grew wings on July 14, 2006. It is hard to understand and comprehend why horrific things happen to good people. But you have to have faith in God and believe that he had a plan.

God Bless Kaden, Parker, and Grace! We miss you and love you. While we may appear to be carrying on, our minds and hearts are always with you.

Hug your sweet children everyday. Never take for granted the 50 times you hear "Mommy" in one hour, the huge puddle of Apple Juice on the kitchen floor, or the hours of sleep that you lost last night. It can be gone in an instant...


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Ter said...

it always breaks my heart to hear of another baby gone too soon.

My little girl died in July 2005.