Monday, April 13, 2009


We're back! We had a wonderful Easter in Virginia. Of course, I can't remember when I had a bad anything in Virginia. The boys were great on the way down, we made several stops to stretch our legs and let the boys run around.

Here is Tucker on one of our stops. We ended up stretching our legs right outside of a horse ranch. Tucker couldn't resist climbing on the fence.

I must have taken 500 pictures this weekend, hence the Part 1 title of this post. There will be
at least a Part 2, maybe a Part 3. We got to VA on Thursday afternoon, and we did just about everything there is to do in an hour of arriving. You name it we did it; swung, played in the sand, fished, got ice cream, and many many more things.

On Friday morning we went to breakfast to celebrate
GG's Birthday. I happened to catch a tender moment between Poppy and Tucker.

After breakfast it was back to GG and Poppy's house. We also went next door to see Skip and Carolyn. Here are the girls (and Carter); Carolyn, GG, Sue-Sue, Mom, and Carter
And here is CG-Skip and Carolyn's baby. The boys just loved her.
(See Carolyn, CG did make the blog.)
Here is Tucker doing what he and his Daddy do best!
That night May-Make and Tucker slept in the tent together in the Playroom. They have so much fun together.
Saturday we went to the Lough's for a beautiful lunch and Easter Egg Hunt. The whole Lough side of the family was able to get together and bring the kids to play together.

Jeannie, Meredith, and the kiddos are waiting for the hunt to begin!

Olivia and Carter

Sue Lough, her Mother, and Great-Nana watching the Egg Hunt from the Porch.
My little bunny
Olivia, Carter, Tucker, and Baby Jack

This was an incredible day! We had a great time in a beautiful house, with a beautiful family. More to follow!

Gluten Free Tip:

When calling 1-800 numbers to check to see if certain products are Gluten Free, remember to ask them for a copy of all of their products that do not contain Gluten. They will often email or snail mail you this list, as well as a bunch of coupons.

Also, if you are not satisfied with the customer service
representative's answers, you can always ask for a supervisor. And when in not eat the product.

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Come Back. We miss you terribly. Great blog pics. Love, Nana