Sunday, December 21, 2008


This morning we braved the winter storm that we have been having for the last 3 days and went with our cousins the Dieterles to have brunch with Santa. Jeff took Tucker last year, but Carter and I were laying in the hospital keeping each other company. So we missed out on all of the wonderful food and seeing Santa. This was the best brunch. All of the kids were on their best behavior because Santa was watching them.

Who needs food when you have spoons?

Tucker, Gage, and Landin waited patiently for everyone to finish eating to go see Santa.

The Brunch Gang

Gage loves his little sister MacKenzie

MacKenzie did not love Santa

But Tucker had no problem telling Santa all about the soccer ball, baseball, and football he wants for Christmas.
Carter was okay for about a minute.

Then he started wailing. Look at that adorable face!

He didn't seem to mind the fake Santa.

There is a picture of a creepy little elf circulating at my in-laws house with question where it came from. I can assure you I didn't take it. But I did take this picture of a creepy little Santa.
It has just been snowing non-stop for what seems like forever. We have a boat load of snow, and it is still falling. These are from yesterday. We have probably gotten 5 more inches since then, and 5 more on the way by tomorrow morning.

Jeff LOVES his snowblower! And thank god we have one!

Next blog...CHRISTMAS!!! I can't wait.


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