Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This has been a whirlwind of a last 3 days. Carter decided that he would learn how to walk behind a push toy, learn how to climb stairs, say "Mama", not to eat baby food anymore, get his first official pair of "walking shoes", and graduate from his infant car seat to his big boy car seat.

I just wasn't prepared for all of this at once. He already has 2 of his bottom teeth, and at his pediatricians appointment this morning, they told me he was still in the 90th percentile for height.
I might be having a hard time letting this one grow up. He is still my little baby!

Today when Tucker came home from school we broke out the Christmas decorations. Carter's stocking arrived today, and we felt the need to hang them all up.

Tucker has his own pirate themed Christmas Tree.

Aunt Sue Sue sent Tucker a Playmobil Pirate Advent Calendar. He is stoked...so stoked that I caught him tearing through ALL of the boxes 5 minutes later.

Tonight was Spaghetti Night at the Morris'

I could've sworn I had a noodle around here somewhere...

Found it!

"Look Mom, watch me go!"

Whew, this is hard work. I am half way up!

I think that I will stop and rest here.

"Hey Tucker, Hey Tucker, Hey Tuuuuuccckkkeeeerrr! Look at my new shoes."

"Great Carter! I love 'em. Leave me alone now!"

"What did I do?"

"Well, you like them right?"


Anonymous said...

Get that gate up! He is on the move and won't slow down. Luv the shoes. Nana

Natalie said...

I cant believe how big he is getting!! I love your stockings, where did you get them from, we need stockings!!!!!