Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This past weekend we went on our annual Christmas Tree Hunt. This year I think that we found the perfect tree. It's not too tall, not too small, not too thick, not too thin. PERFECT! Tucker really enjoyed being a part of the hunt and the decorating. He really gets it this year. I know I said that last year, but he really gets it this year. He understands that Santa comes and brings you toys if you are good. And the cutest thing...Tucker asked me how Santa is going to come through our gas fireplace. "Mommy, is Santa going to knock on the fireplace window and you can let him in to bring me toys?" OK, how cute is that?

Bundled up ready to go find our tree!
Tucker was in awe of all of the trees.

He really wanted to take the string off of the tree and watch it spread its branches.

Go Tucker Go
Daddy and Tucker going through ornaments. Tucker is only 4 years old, but we counted 12 ornaments with his name on them. He kept wondering if each one had his name on it. If it did, he had to hang it.

He even hung them up high. Although we found one branch with 10 ornaments on it.

Hey, finally a picture of me! Well, the side of my face.
We have started giving Carter a spoon to let him learn how to feed himself.

"I think I would rather use my hands.

Here are the brothers in their usual position to watch Baby Einstein.

Carter has Daddy's hat on while brushing his 2 teeth.

"I think it looks better on me than Daddy!"

"Give me the camera Mom, no more pictures!"

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