Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This has been a great week so far. The boys have been so happy and in good moods. No temper tantrums from Tucker and Carter is just a very happy baby. Carter is finally enjoying bathtime. He just lays there and smiles and coos. He loves getting his hair washed. He just hates getting lotioned up because he's too cold. But he only puts up a stink for a minute or two. He is still eating really good and is getting so big so fast. He has a Dr.s appointment on Friday, so I will see just how big he has gotten. I am truly blessed that I have 2 beautiful and happy boys.

I don't have anyone to watch Carter on the Mondays that I work, so yesterday, Jeff took a half day from work to come home and watch him. He is such a fantastic Daddy. He went grocery shopping, clothes shopping for Tucker, made pizza for dinner, and stuffed Carter's cloth diapers. As if that wasn't enough, after coming home from a very long night at work, sitting on the dining room table was a new pair of pants for me that he bought while he was out. Then I got into the shower, to find that he remembered that I like the scent Verbena, and he had gotten me some Lime Verbena Body Wash. And folks, it doesn't even end there. I forgot to mention in my last blog that he sent me beautiful flowers at work last week. I truly have the best husband, and the boys are so lucky to have the worlds best Daddy.


Anonymous said...

WOW!! Jeff is truly amazing. You are both very lucky to have each other and have those two perfect boys.
Love, Mom

Natalie said...

Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!! You are one lucky girl! You are surrounded by great guys!

kathe said...

you are one lucky chick!!