Monday, March 7, 2011


Has it really been since Christmas that I blogged? Wow...well I've been in the process of creating a new blog (that I am still working on), and taking care of the kids, puppy, and sicknesses. It has been a crazy 2 months but so much fun. Chaos makes life worth living right? We have had record snow fall for the season up here, and in between snow falls we got record high temps. No wonder everyone is sick around here.

But we sure do enjoy the snow!

What is this guy doing? He is snow blowing the back yard. Do I hear igloo?

Let the fun begin...

There were so many tunnels, the whole family fits in there. Hey, where's Carter?

There is no MAN like a SNOWMAN!!!!

There are my boys

Julie and the girls came over and we built a huge snowman in the front yard after our igloo making.

What a handsome Snowman!!!

So as you can see we have been very busy. Hopefully I wont fall behind like before, but just in case...I'll post some pics of Tessa next!

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