Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This past Sunday, Jeff packed us all up and we headed out to Bass Pro Shop in Auburn, NY. You might wonder what is wrong with me, calling it fun, but Bass Pro has a lot to offer. For example, there is a huge fish tank that takes up 1/4 of the store filled with Bass, Trout, Salmon, Pike, and so much more. These fish are huge and Tucker loves it. When we were done there, we drove over to Skaneateles, NY to have a wonderful lunch at our favorite place. And then on to a few little shops.

This is Tucker before school yesterday. He looked so cute, I couldn't resist snapping a picture.


This was at lunch on Sunday. Carter had this cookie in his mouth for like 15 minutes. He must've been savoring the flavor, like I did my wonderful beef stew.


A VERY RARE SHOT!!! Jeff let me take a picture, and he even SMILED!


They like us so much there, they name bar in Skaneateles named after us.



Amanda said...

First of all, that is my all-time fave pic of Tucker. Can you email me a copy?

And that looks like a super fun day!

Natalie said...

What a nice day! And Tucker looks like he should be in a catalog in that picture!

Anonymous said...

I concur with Natalie and Amanda, a super cute pic of Tucker. Also Carter looks like he is praying. Love, Nana