Sunday, March 29, 2009


Wednesday was Tucker's 5th Birthday. It has been a full week of celebration, starting last week when Nana was in town. On Wednesday Tucker had to go to school, he was okay with it because the Dentist was coming to school. He was very excited! Here he is before school telling me how old he is now.

Carter and I passed our time during the day waiting for Tucker to get home, by eating apples.

After Tucker got home from school we were off for birthday haircuts. Carter got his very first haircut. Here are the boys waiting for their turn.
Carter-Man is getting ready.
He did such a great job and held really still! Now he looks like a little man.
After haircuts we went to Outback for a birthday meal. Tucker enjoyed being sung to by the whole wait staff.

We got Tucker a really cool Storm Trooper Helmet for his birthday, but it turned out to be a bum toy. So after dinner we returned it and Tucker decided on a RoboRaptor. What is a RoboRaptor you ask. It is the coolest toy ever. It is a robotic dinosaur with AI technology. Tucker loves it. He named it Hutton. I had no clue where he got the name from. I said "Tucker, what is your dinosaur's name?" He quickly responded "Hunton" I said "You mean Hunting?" He said "No Hunton, No HUTTON" I said" Ok, weird name for a dinosaur, but he's yours." At the end of the night we tucked Tucker into bed, read him a book, and said goodnight. And hour later, we went to check on him and this is how we found him. I said, he loves this dinosaur.
The next day was Tucker's school party. So Carter and I brought Spiderman cupcakes in for a party with Tucker's friends.
So, at Tucker's school party I am telling the story about the dinosaur and his name to Tucker's speech pathologist, and she says "Hutton? Like my last name?" WHAT! How adorable...Tucker named his dinosaur after Andrea his speech path. How cute?
Here is Carter and the aforementioned Hutton (Andrea, not the RoboRaptor)
And I had to throw this one in today. Carter is "Kissing the baby" in the wine fridge!
I have over 200 pictures from this week alone. I cannot possibly keep up. So later this week I am going to post the field trip to Explore and More that we took with Tucker's school on Friday. Also, I will catch you up on Carter and his Gluten Sensitivity.

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Natalie said...

How adorable is it that Tucker named his dinosaur after one of his teachers, I actually got a tear in my eye!!! Birthdays...haircuts...seriously they are getting soooo big!