Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Last night Jeff and Tucker had Dentist appointments. This was Tucker's second time going to the Dentist. He really enjoyed it. Here he is with Dr. Bob and his hygienist.

Look at the man--show no pain!

On Friday I joined Tucker on his field trip for school. We went to the Explore and More Children's Museum. It was really cool to see Tucker and all of his friends in action. Here is his class.

Tucker and Wen Xin fishing together
Tucker and Christian working on the docks.
This is Lynn, she is the Director for the Oral Def School.
Tucker and Dylan playing in the South America section wearing Asian Clothing.
He is the T-Man dressed up in Mexican Clothing
Tucker learned all about Traverse Rock Climbing. It is when you climb across the mountain, not up the mountain.
Tucker, Nathan, and Christian at the Farmer's Market.
On Saturday, Jeff took Tucker fishing. Just the two of them male bonding.
And on Sunday morning, all Tucker wanted to do was sit back and relax with the paper.

This weekend was far too draining, and Carter's Gastro appointment was far too traumatic to update everyone on Carter's Gluten Intolerance. I will post in a few days.

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