Friday, August 1, 2008


Let me start by saying that I now truly appreciate my new camera after having used my old camera today. The old one is light and portable, but the quality of the pictures is nothing compared to the Nikon D60. No amount of touching up is going to bring the Canon Elph up to speed.

Today Carter and I accompanied Tucker and his class on a field trip to the zoo. We picked up Tucker at school and met the class in the picnic area of the zoo. Tucker is among all of the teacher's favorites (I can't have favorites), but they all think he is the sweetest kid ever.

This is Kim, Laura, and Tracy 3 of the many teachers that Tucker sees everyday. Did I mention Aunt Amanda, Cousin Poppy, and Uncle Marc went with us. That's right! We had so much fun!
The happy family at the zoo.
This is one of the newest additions to the zoo. What a cute baby rhino!

Tucker and Willow sitting in a tree...
Poppy peeking around the goat pen looking for Tucker.
Believe it or not, Tucker gave Emma a kiss right before this picture was taken. Move over Willow.
What a happy boy, I had to put this in here.

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Natalie said...

It looks like you all had a great day. And of course Tucker is the teachers favorite - HE IS EVERYONE'S FAVORITE!!! The zoo looked like fun, we should all go and take the kids one of these days!