Monday, April 4, 2011

Bellatrix LeMorris

No, not the next bad guy in the Harry Potter series. Our newest edition to the family. Bella has brought great joy amongst our household. I have never seen Tucker more attached to one animal in my life. He wakes up and immediately runs into her room, where he stays until the very last minute to go to school.

Here she is...My little Princess Bella!!!!


Thats right!!! We got a cat. Now we are not "Cat" people so to speak. Or at least, we didn't think we were. As a matter of fact, at one point I remember Jeff saying and I quote "I will NEVER have a cat under my roof as long as I live." Well, looks like things change.

I have been wanting a cat for a while. After going to the SPCA multiple times looking at cats, making sure I'm not allergic, several minor incidents with large cats later...I decided that a kitten is more my speed after all. Finally I found her. "Peanut" was her name. I found her online through the SPCA. She was being held at the PetSmart in Orchard Park. Jeff agreed to go see her. And only see her. We are not getting a cat!!!! Well, one look at me and Tucker with her in the family play room at PetSmart and he knew he was in trouble and about to add another animal to our brood.

Just to set the record straight, we are not animal hoarders. 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 fish, 1 hamster, and now a frog (thanks again Matt and Jen) is not too bad. But like my friend Julie save us a zoo membership!

So Bella is now a part of our family. She is my cat! Or so I thought...

"I'm not a cat person" yeh, yeh, yeh...whatever you say Jeff.



Are you noticing a pattern yet? She is with every one BUT me!!!!

Yep...her favorite spot! As soon as he sits down. She is up there. It's so cute.


And we can't forget our little Tessa! Tessa and Bella are having fun getting to know each other. They are both kids after all.

Here is Carter holding our much bigger Tessa while she checks out the kitty.


Look closely, and you will see Bella's paw on the lamp. She is about to push that lamp over on Tessa's head if she gets any closer.


So, she may be loving up on everyone else, but at least Bella and I have something in common...


We both love Macs!!!

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Amanda said...

Is this an april fool's day joke?! Did you guys seriously get a cat? Do you know what Grand-dad's favorite saying was? Ask Jeff is he remembers... It's one of my favorite sayings too.

Jeff's eyes look a little red and watery in these pics. Hope he's not DEATHLY ALLERGIC to cats, like his sister is!