Monday, September 7, 2009



Bronx Morris was Jeff's first pet. He got her when she was just a wee puppy while he lived at his parents house. Bronx became part of the Morris family instantly with her big head and floppy ears. She moved with Jeff into his first house and was witness to lots of shenanigans but stood by his side no matter how late he kept her up during parties.

Then along came this woman (me)! I would come to visit Jeff from Virginia and Bronx didn't like me at all. Believe me the feeling was mutual. It was a complete alpha female thing. Bronx had her own pillow in his bed and her own spot on the couch that she would stare you down for hours if you sat in her spot. She never did get along with me but somehow made allies out of Matt's cats. They once conspired to get a 5 lb venison steak that was thawing out in the sink. Together 2 cats and a dog dragged and devoured every last bit of that steak.

When I moved up to Buffalo I think Bronxy finally realized that there was no getting rid of me. She never would have thought that not only did I now live there, but I bought a puppy!!! As if the hatred couldn't grow anymore. Riley was our new addition and Bronx did get around to liking her even though we still struggled.

We moved into our new house and just when things were settling in...along came a baby. Bronx loved Tucker from the start. She never was jealous of him and was very protective when we had visitors. Years went by and many family tragedies later, Bronx remained faithful and loving. Carter was soon to follow and added a few extra grey hairs on Bronx's muzzle.

The last couple of years Bronx kept growing older and slower. Arthritis paining her every move. You would never know it though. She still let the boys crawl all over her and on occasion she would even gain momentum to trot after a squirrel or rabbit.

The last few weeks Bronx had slowed to almost a stop. The pain pills made her sick and it was common practice for us to have to lift her hind legs in order for her to get up from the floor. If ever a time that Marley and Me was starting mean more to me than just another dog movie. It was in the last few weeks that Bronx and I put aside our alpha female skirmish and bonded as friends and family. It did pain me to see her like that and even harder for me to watch Jeff realized what was coming.

Last Monday night Bronxy could no longer walk or even lay down without pain. Jeff held her all night and made the painful decision to end her pain that morning. I never realized how much I would miss her until I had to say good bye to my old adversary, my friend. The vet laid down a soft blanket and we put a picture that Tucker had drawn for her by her head and said goodbye. I left Jeff alone with her to say goodbye. I know next to losing Parker and Grace this was the hardest thing he has ever had to do.

Bronx will forever be missed in this house. And I swear I still hear her whining downstairs while we lay in bed at night.

Farewell old friend...we love you!

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Natalie said...

I am so sorry! Poor Jeff! This post definitely brought a tear to my eye!