Saturday, January 10, 2009


We have so much fun before bed, I thought that I would share some of our playtime with you. The boys play really well together and Jeff plays with them before bed during the week while I work. But the weekends are a different story. I am here, and we just play and roll around on the floor looking like fools. Here are a few things that we like to do...

We play "popcorn" with the blanket. You know "parachute" to the rest of us. Tucker comes up with his own name for things and they tend to stick.
We prepare the blanket to make a cape like Batman.
We pretend to be angelic.
We look adorable while we play with trains.
We still manage to be adorable playing with trains.
We make funny faces into the camera.
We let Daddy tickle us so hard our cheeks hurt from laughing.
We install our newest baby gate that Daddy made especially for us. AKA... Fort Morris.
We teach Carter how to walk. (We are still working on that one)
And when we run out of our extra-super-energy ...we have our bottle, snuggle on the couch, and go to bed.


Amanda said...

That is one SERIOUS baby gate. I had to show Marc and he's pretty impressed.

Beautiful pics.

Natalie said...

I can't believe how big Carter is getting!!!!!! I love the one picture of him with that adorable face! He looks like his daddy! We have to get all the kids together - they would have so much (and so would we)!