Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The boys have been hanging out together a lot lately. It's not that they didn't before, but it's almost like it just clicked in their heads, that they can play together. Before, they would just play "around" eachother. Here are a couple recent pictures of their playtime.

"Mom, are you going to pick me up or what?"

Tucker loved playing in Carter's crib.

They have been snuggling a lot lately. Here they are giving each other a kiss.

"Hey you! Yeh, you with the camera! Put it down and play with me already!"

This was so cute. They splished and splashed for a half and hour.

Tucker always find something interesting to play with after we read a book for the night. But this one tops the cake, he fell asleep in the Rubbermaid bin.

"Mom, can I call Cameron to see if he can play today?"

My friend Toni, and Carter's friend Cameron came over today for our weekly playdates. Which I have realized are more for Toni and I, than for the boys.

Cameron and Carter

We have had a lot going on lately. So I will try to post new cute pictures so you can see the boys grow up.

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