Monday, June 16, 2008


We are back from one of the most amazing vacations ever! We had a pretty long trip down to VA due to our not so wonderful GPS. But the boys were wonderful. We had a great week at my Grandparent's river cottage on the Rappahanock River. I grew up on that river on the weekends, and now I get to share that with my kids. Tucker had the time of his life, and Carter got to meet his Pop-Up (my Dad), May-Make (my brother), GG (my Grandma), and Poppy (my Grandpa). I will let these pictures tell the story of our week.

Carter was out on the pier every morning when it was cool. But we took him in during the heat of the afternoon when the thermometer hit 102 degrees.
Here is our pier. We spent many hours out there swimming and talking.

Tucker and Poppy enjoyed the ride in the back of the boat. Tucker thought that it was so cool.
Candid of Daddy and Carter-Man on the pier.Don't worry, we had the key. But boy did he think he was the man.
Sometimes early in the morning the water was a little chilly so we filled up a little raft for Carter and set it in the sun to warm up. Carter loved hang'n out in the water.
Carter loved the boat ride. But did not love his life jacket. He did finally fall asleep.
That really is Tucker tubing behind the boat. He would yell "Faster Nana, Faster!"
Fishing was one of our favorite pastimes this week.
Back at my Mom and Dad's house for my brother's graduation. Tucker enjoyed the playground in their backyard.
And Daddy takes his youngest son fishing this time.
The High School Graduate! Mason and Tucker before the grad party started.
Proud Parents!
A nice little spread! Ode to Mason.
And Carter finally got to meet one of his cousins. This is Olivia and she is 2 months older than Carter. They had a good time. But Carter wanted her to get out of his swing so he could take a nap.We had a really nice time. I took 213 pictures so you can imagine how hard it was to pick these out for the blog. The ride home was quicker and much more enjoyable. When we got home, we unpacked the car, changed, and headed over to my in-laws for a Father's Day celebration. We munched on some great slow cooked ribs and shrimp/scallops on the grill. It was all delicious. Happy Father's Day!


Natalie said...

That sounds like such a great trip! I had a Poppy too!! It is sooooo nice that the boys get to know him, I miss mine everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your boys are growing so fast!! Keep the pictures coming!!!

Anonymous said...

WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Mom (aka Nana)