Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We have had a lot going on lately. From Carter starting cereal, hail storms in June, and Field Days at our local fire hall. Also, Tucker had his last day of school yesterday. He will only have a two week break before starting summer session. I think that he is bored already. He is used to non-stop action. And he isn't going to get it at our house. We will have to set up a play date with his girlfriend Willow. Here are some of the pictures from this past week.

Carter has now started eating rice cereal. He loves it and cannot get enough. Can you believe he is already 4 months old?
This is a picture of the hail that fell from the sky last week. Some of the hail stones were as big as golf balls and caused thousands of dollars in damage to cars. Including ours!!!
We went to Brighton Field Days last week and the first thing Tucker saw was the big slide. He squealed with joy all the way down.
Carter got a free ride in his stroller through the carnival. He loves people watching as much as his Mommy.
Tucker quickly moved onto big and better things.
This one made my stomach turn watching him on it. This kid has no fear.
"Hi Daddy" ... "Tucker!!!!! Don't lean over too far, you'll fall out!!!!"
Yesterday we went to our cousins house for a birthday party. Tucker wouldn't get off of the trampoline. Needless to say...he slept well.
So did Carter.
Ummmm! Yeh, my heart stopped when I saw the two of them come out of the barn on that thing. Don't worry, they posed for a picture then Tucker was booted off by Mom. No way Jose!
That is more my speed Tucker. Stick with that and make me happy.
Well that is our week in pics. We had a really good time. Next weekend is Carter's Baptism so stay tuned for pics from that.

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Natalie said...

I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT CARTER IS ALREADY EATING CEREAL!!!!!!!! Seriously we have to get together soon before he starts college and I miss everything!!!