Tuesday, February 12, 2008


ARRRG! Its not just for pirates anymore. It is for 9 month pregnant women who have just been sent home from the hospital for the 5th time. Let me rewind...I had my Dr.s appointment this morning and they found my blood pressure to be high. They had me lay on my side and it was still high. Well, just to be on the safe side they sent me to (and you'll never guess where) Labor & Delivery! That it was a possibility that if it stayed high I might have to be induced. I called Jeff and told him not to even leave work, I will be home shortly. So, after many labs and checks I am fine! Fine, Fine, Fine!!! My blood pressure even went down 30minutes after I got there. One of the Dr.s in my group was there and she felt terrible. She knew how frustrated I was. She said that they will induce me before 39 weeks, that it would be unsafe at this point, with my history of high blood pressure to let me go all the way. So thats good news. Also, they estimate the baby to be about 6lbs now. I guess he hasn't done much growing lately, but I was assured that he is very healthy. I know that we have all been praying for a big, beautiful, healthy baby, and I really think that it is working. But, we may need to start praying for Mom's sanity and patience. Thanks a bunch.

In other news;

Jeff is somewhat of a local celebrity around here. He was interviewed by Channel 2 News about working in the extremely cold temperatures. Here is the interview...

Last night we took Tucker out to eat to the Texas Roadhouse. He had a blast and he got a balloon animal hat. I think it resembles a mosquito. What do you think it is?

Here is my most recent belly shot! Don't be scared now, I here it goes away.

And just for fun...up, up, and away. Its Super T-Man!

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Mom said...

Patience is a virtue and you are a very virtuous woman. Just a little while longer . . . .